Trip Planner in Andalucia

Andalucia is a diverse and vibrant region. From the concrete jungle of the Costa del Sol to the wilderness of its natural parks. Culture, history, tradition along with over 300 days of sunshine a year make it – that awful cliche – something for everyone. That’s why a trip planner is needed. Someone on the ground who lives in the region and has done so for over two decades, exploring, writing about it and never failing to be stunned by its beauty and richness.

So many people fly into Malaga airport and stay near it on the coastal strip. That isn’t Spain. That’s the commercial touristy part that I rarely go to. Malaga old city is an exception. A delightful historical part near the port making it, along with Barcelona, a grand city right on the beach.

Head away from the airport, even along the coast (if you  must) and the over commercialism lessens a little but head inland to the wide open spaces, mountain ranges, beautiful cities and small white villages where customs and traditions live on – that is Spain.

If you’re not sure what Andalucia consists of read my blog post Where is and What is Andalucia (and Which Boutique Hotel to Choose? which talks about the provinces which make up the region of Andalucia. Each one as different and worthy of exploring as the other.

Whether art museums are your passion, or tasting tapas, mountain biking, cycling part ot the Vuelta de España route. Flamenco, history, Roman architecture, Moorish castles, wild orchids, small villages, olive oil mills, walking GR routes or Caminos, skiing, whatever activity you enjoy or interest you have you’ll find plenty of it here in Andalucia.

As well as what there is to see in Andalucia, where to stay is as important, maybe more important to you. Beautiful litte boutique hotels or historical Paradors abound, let me share some of my favourites with you. Or you can of course puruse the pages of Only Spain and see some charming places to stay.

Let me help you with my Trip Planner in Andalucia and Spain services.

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