Heading into Autumn 2020

Well what started off as a rather strange year has continued in the same way and here we are heading rapidly into Autumn with things pretty much the same.

Perhaps we´re a bit wiser, definitely we are a bit older but life goes on while mask-wearing (and removal at every opportunity.)

Travel has pretty much taken a back seat, no choice in that matter, yet we did manage to go and visit the lovely Villa Andalucia B&B on the edge of the charming little town of Competa and met the welcoming host – Helen. Do follow the link and read about our trip and the lovely villa which Helen calls home.

Next month we have a brief escape to visit another lovely looking B&B – you´ll have to come back later in October to find out – again in Malaga province.

Fancy a peep of where we are going? Of course you do. Here it is Finca Gordo in Riofrio.

Further ahead we are not planning at the moment as who knows whether travel will be stopped again, we do hope not for all our hotels and B&Bs who need your support to keep going through these difficult times.

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