Oh to Go!

So we are on provincial lock down still under after Easter. Yet we´re raring to go. Oh to go, to travel, to explore. I´m not alone, far from it. What a year it has been and it´s not over yet! We´re confined to home waiting for a phone call to see if we are negative or positive!

My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter have just been confirmed positive, we´ve had tests and are on tenterhooks waiting a phone call. If one out of the four of us at home is positive that is 10 days confinement for all of us. A phone call we want and don´t want.

I´m trying to put it out of my mind while sitting outside keeping an eye on the dogs we´re having to dog sit as my son is not allowed out, not even to walk the dogs. We´re lucky, at home we have outside space so if we cannot leave home to walk them it isn´t a problem – for them. It will be for me!

Oh that all this is behind us and we can finally start planning trips to some of the lovely places we have lined up to visit and showcase here for you.

It seems far too long since we went to visit the last B&Bs. We only managed to get to two last year Villa Andalucia B&B and Finca Gordo B&B both in lovely corners of Andalucia. We have semi-planned visits to Almeria, two spots in Cadiz and Palencia in Castilla y Leon in the north of Spain.

Soon we will all be able to go where we want to and lay aside our masks. May it be sooner rather than later.

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