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As a lover of warped wooden beams, antiques, warm colours, great views and fabulous food, my choice of hotel isn’t by stars, number of telephones or all-night service but – initial impression, decor, great gastronomy with a good wine list, and of course good, helpful service.

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Welcome to Only Spain Boutique Hotels a personally vetted selection of gorgeous retreats lovingly gathered together from years of research and planning of personal trips.

Everyone of these Special Spanish Boutique Hotels or B&Bs deserves to be here. Most of them are small, for me privately owned and personally run are best, but there are some larger ones too. Large hotels with a welcoming feel are in no way shunned.

Cordoba Spain at the Roman Bridge and Mosque Cathedral
Cathedral de Santa Cruz in the afternoon from tower Tavira in Cadiz
Zahara de la Sierra
Cordoba Spain sml

We Provide Insights and Reviews Across Spain

Over the years Only Spain has evolved a little but in essence the charm and ambiance of places to stay remain the same – we love to promote small, usually owner-run establishments that tick our boxes. For me it is that feeling, the ´I know not what,´ that hard-to-nail but deep down purring pleasure when you find a special place, you make your plans, look forward to your trip and then the moment of arrival exceeds your expectations.

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