Travel in Spain – Almost


We are nearly there, or so it seems. There´s talk of opening up the Spanish provinces then a local town is locked down again. We´ve been given a date to end it all – 9th May but only by summer will 70% of the population have been vaccinated. Do you continually watch or listen to […]

Oh to Go!

Zahara de la Sierra

So we are on provincial lock down still under after Easter. Yet we´re raring to go. Oh to go, to travel, to explore. I´m not alone, far from it. What a year it has been and it´s not over yet! We´re confined to home waiting for a phone call to see if we are negative […]

Hotels for Dia de Andalucia

La Casa Grande de Zujaira

Here we are on the last day of February celebrating Dia de Andalucia or Andalucia Day. Or we would be celebrating and probably out on the road for this Bank Holiday weekend checking out great places to add to Only Spain. But travel restrictions are still in place in many towns. This normally would be […]

Rural, Romantic Hotels in Andalucia in Starlight Reserves for Stargazing

IMG 1183 Copy

There are many locations for stargazing but what better than a romantic, rural hideaway hotel in Andalucia?Andalucia covers a vast area from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and between those two are huge swathes of olive groves and vast dramatic mountain ranges where light pollution doesn´t reach. Stargazing in rural Andalucia is pretty […]

End of 2020, Welcoming 2021

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What an amazing year 2020 has been. Everybody has been affected in one way or another, for worse or the worst. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, an untold number, especially as we head into the´festive season.´ Our lives will never be the same and I, like many, am not […]

Cooking, Walking and Photography Holidays and Courses in Spain

20160313 112402

What better way to learn something new is there than staying at a lovely, owner run hotel or Bed and Breakfast which run classes or courses. In this post I have put together some of our beautiful establishments that run holidays for different activities. Hotels in Andalucia and Valencia running Cookery Courses and Classes Finca […]

Andalucia Segura – What is it?

andalucia segura green

Popping up everywhere are these new logos ´Andalucia Segura´but what are they all about? This particular one above is for accommodation there are others for beaches, restaurants, golf, spas, active tourism etc. These distinctive signs, which are free and voluntary, identify the businesses that comply with the security measures pertaining to Covid-19 to give a […]

Heading into Autumn 2020

img 7524

Well what started off as a rather strange year has continued in the same way and here we are heading rapidly into Autumn with things pretty much the same. Perhaps we´re a bit wiser, definitely we are a bit older but life goes on while mask-wearing (and removal at every opportunity.) Travel has pretty much […]

Heading into July 2020

villa andalucia 1

So on Wednesday we are in the seventh month of this, the strangest and perhaps the quickest of my 24 years in Spain. But now we are heading into July 2020, the summer heat arrived with a bang and life except the wearing of masks is more or less back to normal. This weekend will […]

Summer 2020

img 2140 copy

With Monday seeing us enter phase 2 of the Co-vid19 lockdown here in Jaen province, news, very uplifting after 10 weeks and many changes of plan means that it looks like we will be able to move around freely this summer. For quite a while it looked like that was not going to happen and […]

Only Spain in Sur in English

only spain logo

We’re very happy to have been included in a write up by Andrew Forbes in an article entitled ‘The Eight Andalusian Hotels not to be Missed’ published in Sur in English. Andrew and I met at the amazing La Nava an exclusive, elusive, private estate but I’d been following him and his antics for a […]

New Year, New Walk on the Caminito del Rey – King’s Walkway

img 6185 1

For our Christmas present hubby and I decided we wanted to do something not buy presents so we booked to walk the Caminito del Rey in Malaga province again.  We went about 3 year ago with 3 sons and 2 girlfriends. We fancied going alone, not keeping tabs on members of the group. So on […]

Winter Roses and Charming Hotel in the Albaicin, Granada

red roses in december 1

Well December has arrived but my climbing rose doesn’t seem to realise and is blooming and budding again. Nice and cheery, certainly not as profuse as its spring flowering but  should I tell it that it is almost winter now? Friday night saw hubby and I on our last escape of 2019, except the works […]

Autumn Arrives and Partnership Flares

img 5264 1

Many of the lovely establishments we have here on Only Spain do weddings on a small scale so we were delighted when an American wedding planner got in touch and asked if we would partner with them. September and October saw them visiting several of our hotels and travelling around Spain. Not only do they […]

Old Friends and New Additions

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I always find this time a year a little sad. We’re now into the last fortnight of August, the weather is starting to cool just a bit, especially in the evenings which is bringing to an end the long lazy evenings outside as Autumn will soon be upon us, pools will be closed up and […]

Spanish Boutique Hotels Articles


As a promoter of lovely boutique hotels in Spain one of my greatest joys is heading off to discover another Spanish hotel or B&B. I always do my homework first to try and make sure they fit into the guidelines for our portfolio. What Makes a Hotel Boutique? That’s a tricky one, if you haven’t […]

Wedding Season in Spain

0066 lanava 0030 copy 1

It’s now the long hot lazy days of summer down here in southern Spain. Andalucia literally melts with pretty much dawn to dusk sunshine. I suppose really it is still spring and not officially summer yet. There’s an old Spanish saying which translates something like ‘ don’t take off your long sleeves until the 40th […]

Cortijos & Haciendas in Hola Magazine

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One of our recent blog posts was Spanish Haciendas and Cortijos – What are They? So I was very happy to come across an old post with stunning photos in Hola Magazine – Cortijos y haciendas donde respirar la belleza de Andalucia  – Cortijos & Haciendas where you can breathe (or inhale) the beauty of […]

Boutique Hotels in Cordoba and Malaga

img 3300 1

So it’s May tomorrow, another month has rushed passed and spring is well and truly here in Jaen, inland Andalucia. April saw us visiting two lovely hotels one in my favourite cities – Cordoba and the other a repeat visit to mountainous inland Malaga. At the beginning of April and with very pleasant weather we […]

Spanish Haciendas and Cortijos – What are They?

img 2861 copy

Both Haciendas and Cortijos are traditional farmhouse complexes found in arable land in the south of Spain, particularly Andalucia. Both are the descendants of Roman Villas and Muslim farmhouses built between the 16th and 19th centuries. With mechanisation in the early 20th century the need for so many workers and lots of heaving farming equipment […]

What is a Wellness Retreat

Qi Gong

It’s in the headlines, it’s all the rage but what is wellness and what is a wellness retreat. I’ve seen the same thing being asked by journalists ‘shouting out’ for quotes or expert help. It seems to be the ‘in’ thing or phrase and has me thinking it’s only the term ‘wellness’ that is new. […]

Trips and Trip Planning in Spain

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Wow, we’re in March already and I’m desperately trying to catch up with chores and articles. February went so quickly I so hope this month, my favourite one,  doesn’t rush by too much. I’ve planted cherry tomatoes, artichokes and bought broccoli plants that I must get in the garden in our holiday rental house soon. […]

A Weekend in Inland Malaga – Where to Stay and A Local Guide for What to See

img 2873

This weekend I’ve been amazed yet again at the history, culture and beauty of Andalucia. Since moving to Jaen province in the north of Andalucia in 1996 I love nothing more than exploring the region, and the rest of Spain, it is always diverse and fascinating. My destination was a lovely ancient Cortijo or farmstead, […]

Trip Planner in Andalucia, Spain


Andalucia is a diverse and vibrant region. From the concrete jungle of the Costa del Sol to the wilderness of its natural parks. Culture, history, tradition along with over 300 days of sunshine a year make it – that awful cliche – something for everyone. That’s why a trip planner is needed. Someone on the […]

Spring Time for Trip Planning in Spain

img 0120 1

As you may, or may not, know, I love trip planning. Not only do I offer trip planning in Spain services which compliment the portfolio of gorgeous place to stay – Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotels and B&Bs. Of course you don’t have to stay in any of the properties on here. There are many, […]

Where is and What is Andalucia and Which Boutique Hotel to Choose?

img 1628 copy

Many people say to me ‘I love Spain and Andalusia’ but when I quiz them a little more I find that they don’t know much at all about Andalusia. Or is it Andalucia? So, here is a little about where and what Andalucia is. Andalucia is the Spanish spelling and Andalusia is the English way […]

Cordoba, Spain Full of UNESCO Sites

pb250189 copy

Cordoba is full of UNESCO sites. It isn’t as popular to visitors as Barcelona or Sevilla yet has more UNESCO listings than either of them and more than anywhere else in the world. With the addition of the Medina Azahara in 2018 Cordoba now has four UNESCO sites which makes Spain’s total number inscribed on […]

Five Fabulous Boutique Hotels in Andalucia for Great Walking Holidays


Andalucia in the south of Spain is a great destination for walkers and hikers, having numerous mountain ranges providing no end of great walking country.  We’ve paired up superb scenery with  five of our gorgeous boutique hotels for some of the best destinations in Andalucia for walking holidays. Whether you prefer a serious hike or […]



Have you heard of Amberlair project – a crowd sourced Boutique Hotel?  They are creating the world’s first crowd sourced Boutique Hotel? It’s  great  fun to follow their progress with the first hotel to being based in the south of Italy. Pop over to their website and follow its progress. The Amberlair website features many boutique […]

Only Spain Boutique Hotels on Other Sites

img 1195 copy

As you probably know I sometimes write about the gorgeous hotels and Bed & Breakfast properties from this Only Spain portfolio on my blogs Andalucia Explorer and Luxury Spain Travel but did you know that I also write for other sites at times? I’ve recently written about the lovely Finca La Fronda  both on Luxury Spain Travel […]

January Birthdays

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At the end of January (hubby’s birthday) and a very cold weekend we found ourselves heading  to the coast in hope of good or at least better weather than our inland mountain home was forecast to have. My choice of getaway was the lovely Miller’s of Frigiliana. I’ve written about it on our sister site Luxury […]

The Closing of a Year

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With 2018 coming to a close I’m looking backwards and forwards. It’s been a challenging and exhausting year taking in an aging relative. It’s for this reason we haven’t travelled much and explored as many new hotels and B&Bs as we would have liked to. In fact this year we only managed to visit two […]

Wedding Venue Hotels in Spain


With its 300 and more days of sunshine a year it makes perfect sense to have your wedding in a hotel in Spain, especially the south – Andalusia. But the mind blowing job of deciding where can be very daunting. For that reason when we built the sitemap of Only Spain Boutique Hotels (and B&BS) […]