Hotel Puerta de la Luna

In the narrow backstreets of the lovely little UNESCO city of Baeza with a gorgeous old, original wooden door is the delightful XVII century Hotel Puerta de la Luna. Look out of the hotel’s front door and you can see the cathedral tower.

In the heart of the charming old part of the city this is a step-back-into-the-past experience with all the mod cons expected of a 4* hotel. I particularly like the traditional Andalusian interior patio with stone columns and three-storey wooden gallery.

There are 44 bedrooms even though the hotel doesn’t look that big, especially from the front door on a  narrow street. Each room is charmingly and uniquely decorated and the subtlely lit orange tree filled patio is delightful on a warm summer’s evening.

As well as the lovely original stone and mosaic floor is the fabulous front door. I love old, wooden doors.

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