Boutique Hotels Spain

From its beginnings Only Spain was Only Spain Boutique Hotels hence OSBhotels on Instagram and  Only Spain Boutique Hotels on Facebook, we have since evolved. Finding some really beautiful smaller establishments that didn´t come into the ´hotel´ bracket but are – as I love – small and owner run we have branched out to include B&Bs, or Guest Houses as some prefer to be called, too.

So to help you differentiate between Only Spain Hotels and Only Spain B&Bs we now have two pages to list the two categories. For me one is neither better than the other, each establishment is unique and fits my requisites to make it onto Only Spain. What are those requisites? When we get down to the nitty gritty it is whether they have that – je ne sais quoi appeal to me – or not. That is how Only Spain begin and that has not changed.

My love of promoting Spain, especially Andalucia as that is where I have lived since 1996, grows rather than wains and with that I´m trying to do my bit to help those lovely, little hostelries survive – especially in these difficult Co-vid days (writing on 10/1//2021) and looking ahead to better days when they can welcome guests from all over the world.

Boutique Hotels in Spain

Afan de Riviera  – Jaen

Casa Grande do Bachao – Galicia

Castillo de Monda – Malaga

Cortijo del Arte – Malaga

Cortijo del Marques – Granada

Cortijo Sabila – Malaga

Finca la Fronda -Huelva

Hacienda El Santiscal  – Cadiz

Hotel Abentofail – Granada

Hotel Balcon de Cordoba – Cordoba

Hotel Boutique Gar Anat – Granada

Hotel La Fuente del Sol – Malaga

Hotel La Gastrocasa – Valencia

Hotel Los Castaños – Malaga

Hotel Molino La Nava – Cordoba

Hotel Palacio Guzmanes – Jaen

Hotel Posada Los Caballeros – Castilla-La Mancha

Hotel Puerta de la Luna – Jaen

Hotel Rural El Mondalon – Gran Canaria

Hotel Santa Isabel la Real – Granada

Hotel Viento 10 – Cordoba

Las Casas de la Juderia – Cordoba

It´s a tricky one whether to put the town these hotels are in or the province or the region, which helps most I´m not sure but please remember that for example Cordoba is both city and province so if you want to stay in the city itself do check where each hotel is. There is a bit of a mix of provinces, regions (Galicia and Valencia) and islands (Gran Canaria.)

I remember staying at Cortijo Sabila when the owner had a phone call asking where the hotel was and the clients were shocked to find out it a 45 minute taxi ride from the airport when they expected to be in the city and have ten minutes maximum in the taxi!

See the Only Spain B&B page.