Hotels in Cadiz

Cadiz province lies on the south-west coast and borders Huelva, Sevilla and Malaga provinces. An autonomous region of long,  white, sandy beaches, Andalusian horses, white village routes and a gastronomy of fabulous fresh fish and fine wines.

Cadiz city is the place for wine Cellars and tastings, carnivals, history and a great choice of boutique hotels, we just haven’t got there yet!



It’s the furthest province from our home in Jaen and one that we know least within Andalucia  BUT we’re on a mission to change that!

Our first hotel in the collection is also the longest running rural hotel in Spain and the oldest hacienda – estate in  Spain. Without further ado and we hope with many more visits to Cadiz we leave you with…….

Boutique Hotels in Cadiz

Hacienda El Santiscal



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