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Finca la Fronda

Finca la Fronda is a gorgeous B&B surrounded by nature. Set in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, peace and relaxation abound.

From across the valley it’s almost impossible to see the single storey, terracota Finca it is so well hidden by the trees.

Did you spot the terracotta building under the peak, to the right? It’s a glorious location for doing nothing or great for exploring the area or walking the nature trails.

Opened 10 years ago by Charles, the great, great grandson of the nature-loving poet William Wordsworth you’ll find some lines of his poetry on your pillow every day. One of ours was … ‘The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.’

With only eight rooms, all with their own little terrace and lovely views, it is a delightful spot. Run by the owner, Charles, and his children, Cristina and Alec, it’s a family affair.

Cristina’s Spanish husband Oscar is the resident Saturday night pianist with a great repertoire of classics in both English and Spanish. There is a menu of songs that guests can request to be played.

I wasn’t there on a Saturday night but very much enjoyed hearing him playing and singing in the beautiful lounge after a delicious breakfast with homemade yoghurt, bread, cakes and jams – there’s a jam menu because of the choice and with real English tea made in a teapot (hubby, the tea man was thrilled!)

Finca la Fronda is a gorgeous place to stay in stunningly beautiful countryside, a place to disconnect. Dinner is cooked and served by Alec under the vast array of stars, it’s in a Starlight Reserve, and swim between trees. Just perfect. I’d happily go again.

To learn more visit their website –  Finca la Fronda

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