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Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia

Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia in the historical part of Cordoba is as it says in la Juderia the Jewish Quarter. Its location is just a minute or twos walk from the Mezquita. There´s lots of charm in this collection of five ancient houses cleverly and joined together into one very lovely hotel.

Patios, passages, terraces, nooks and crannies, I was in my element. Enchanted by the history, the care of preservation, ancient woodwork, beautiful old tiles. Even the lift (top right pic below) held me captivated. Such attention to detail keeps the flow going in this gorgeous hotel. Staying here is a bit like stepping back in time – with all mod cons.

Our bedroom and bed were very comfortable and a nice size, the bathroom – what joy – a large walk-in shower and a separate bath. Add the double sink, and tucked away loo for five stars from me. We saw several other rooms and suites too, each as unique and delightful as the last.

Finding our room again was tricky until we learnt that the five original houses are painted in different colours. That certainly helps! It’s difficult to believe there are over 60 rooms in the hotel as it feels very homely with all the corners, corridors and patios.

The hotel has liveried parking and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Las Casas de la Juderia ticks most of my boxes add to that its location in one of my favourite cities and I was completely won over. As a lover of patios, warped wood and history this hotel worked its charm on me.

One of the lounges has architectural finds on display, bits of the original city walls, storage tanks, original brick and tile floor, carved wooden beams from the Mezquita.

Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia more than met my expectations.

Visit Las Casas de la Juderia website.

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