Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotels

We love Spain. We love special hotels, boutique hotels, chic hotels, those with a little something extra, something unique, usually privately owned, often small and you’ve found Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotels so we guess you do too.

If you are looking for the best Spanish Boutique Hotels we’ve personally chosen some gorgeous ones and look forward to sharing them with you. Come and explore these lovely hotels around Spain – the incredible country we’ve called home since 1996 – and find the right one for you and your explorations.

Peruse the selection we’ve spent hours discovering, reading about, and visiting  so you can make the best choice in less time and if you want our help we can suggest an itinerary especially designed for you.

On our search for boutique hotels we often find real gems that are only advertised in Spain and in Spanish. We trawl through  photos and websites before taking on the tough task of visiting our chosen lodging, not all of which we add to these pages.

Some are top class, others quirky, some chic, some rustic but all are unique and have their own charm, which ones are you going to visit?

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