Only Spain Boutique Hotels

Are you looking for a special Boutique Hotel in Spain? Our collection will help you decide which gorgeous Spanish Hotel or B&B is for you.

Is it a short-break, a holiday, a get-together or a small wedding you want to plan? We have personally chosen some gorgeous hotels for you.

We research and visit all these stunning properties so that you can make the best choice in less time.

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We search for small, usually owner-run delightful stays, whether you’re after top class, quirky, chic, or rustic all are unique and have their own charm. We vet and visit them before adding them to the Only Spain collection.

Come and explore Spain – the incredibly diverse, culturally rich country we call home – beach or mountains, relaxing or partying, for romance or for groups – let us find the right Boutique Hotel in Spain for you.

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Something Different, Something Boutique.