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Travel in Spain – Almost


We are nearly there, or so it seems. There is talk of opening up the Spanish provinces then a local town is locked down again. We´ve been given a date to end it all – 9th May but only by summer will 70% of the population have been vaccinated.

Do you continually watch or listen to the latest travel news? Which news is correct? How long will it be right for? Changes, changes, changes. Yet, we´re still unsure, unable to make plans. Unable to see loved ones. My heart goes out to all in the hospitality industry that even after this loooong year nothing is known for sure, plans are not being made unless they are in our own province or as it the UK a stay-cation. A stay-cation for me at the moment would be within Jaen province. There are 97 towns, 3 Natural Parks, one being the largest in Spain over 66 million olive trees there are without a doubt many corners of ´my´ home province I have yet to discover.

Cazorla Natural Park from Mirador Las Palomas

Where will you head to first when we have the green light to go? I guess for most it will be visiting family or having family visit us for the first time in how long?

I sway between being a glass half full person (my dad) and a glass half empty (my mum) and being smack bang on the middle line at the moment is where I´m staying until that booking is made and travel is happening. Until I´m in the car heading to my destination or up in the air counting down the moment until landing.

Perhaps now would be the ideal time to travel to the lovely Cortijo de Ramon deep in the Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park near the town of Cortijos Nuevos or to check out some new hosteries to add to Only Spain.

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