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Goodbye 2021 and Welcome 2022


Well there goes another one! It seems just a few months since I wrote the post End of 220, Welcoming 2021, hoping a better one. Was it? Now we say goodbye 2021 and welcome 2022.

What was hoped for has been a bit of a flop. Up and down, can travel, can´t travel. Tests, masks, thinking the worst is over and then it begins again.

Christmas with some family, not all but no limit on numbers this time. Masks will fly and glasses will raise I have no doubt as New Year´s Eve approaches.

Alcaudete Town Hall Christmas Lights 2022

Well 2022 we welcome you with open arms and with oodles of hope. Throw at us what you will, life goes on. So who has plans? Or are you waiting to see what happens?

I have a trip planned to stay in an off grid, carbon neutral, sustainable pod in a desert only two hours from home – should be interesting! Another couple of trips are brewing that didn´t actually happen last year. I am very positive that there´ll be more gallivanting around in 2022 – I certainly hope so for all of us.

I am, probably for the first time, looking towards the following year and 2023 as the first of my sons, the eldest is getting married after ten years and one child with his only ever girlfriend. Why wait ten years was my question too! It will also be nice round big birthdays for both hubby and I – the numbers are not being revealed- yet!

So we say Happy New Year 2022 – May you be a good one!

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