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Heatwaves in Spain – Sensationalism

Alcaudete Sunset

Friends and family have been in contact more these last couple of weeks than normal, why? The British press. Every year summer in Spain is hot, especially inland, that is a Spanish summer! That´s why many people holiday in Spain – for the heat. So when people keep asking me ´how are you coping with the heatwaves´ I want to reply – ´how are you coping with your weather?´

Because we do, we have to. It´s nothing unusual. A friend of mine in Seville was asked how she coped in 40c and she replied, ´the same as when I lived in -40c in Canada, I stay inside.´ One adapts.

The heatwaves in Spain are normal -they have happened every single year of my 27 years here. And the papers being the papers sensationalise it every summer.


It is hot here. It is hot every year. How can that be a story every time it happens? Please newspapers heat and heatwaves in Spain are really not big news. Is there nothing else out there to write about?

Rant over.

Today the thermometer says 36ºc at 18:45, soon they´ll be a breeze and vest top and shorts can be worn until 2am, although I rarely last that late this days. It can be a bit of a love and hate relationship, the daily routine changes, but it doesn´t last long, when the days start to cool and the nights draw in I´m always sad and at the same time glad. That´s our weather. What is yours like?

Saying that I am planning a trip further north, not because it´s cooler and one further south, more on those soon.

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