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Caves in Spain – Nerja Caves – 60 Years Since the Discovery, Altimira Caves – New Hand Prints Discovered

Nerja Caves

If there’s an extra push you need to make you visit Nerja Caves then maybe the 60 year anniversary since their accidental discovery is a good enough one. If you’ve been you’ll know that a visit is just jaw-dropping and if you’re like me then you would go again and again.

So if you are heading to Malaga and Costa del Sol add the Cuevas de Nerja onto your list of must-visits. The cave or caves because there are several chambers, are enormous. It is said that only around one quarter of the caves or caverns are open to the public at present. What is able to be visited and is a fair old walk including many steps. Because of these it isn’t suitable for the young or infirm.

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Nerja Caves

This year, 2019, not only celebrates the 60th anniversary since their discovery by five local boys, four of whom are still alive, but a new discovery in the caves of Altamira in Cantabria too.  Three new hand prints in Altimira have been added to the collection of Palaeolithic hands found in catalogued by HANDPAS’. The Altimira Caves in contrast to Nerja Caves are not open to the public on the same scale as Nerja’s to keep them from deteriorating.

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Nerja Caves

The Cuevas de Nerja were discovered when some local lads saw bats seemingly coming out of the ground. On further investigation they managed to get down underground and the rest as they say is history. Stagalagtites,  stalagmites, prehistoric art, rock formations and human remains were discovered and now are on view to the world.

This amazing complex of nature’s underground world is just stunning. When you stop and gaze at the sheer immensity and think about the time and the process that has created this phenomenon  it really does make time stand still.

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Nerja Caves

The world’s largest stalagmite is here at a mere 50m high and 45m wide. I felt as though I was in a film set. An unreal place. Divided into four natural chambers, the second one large enough, with fabulous natural acoustics has hosted concerts.

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Nerja Caves Train

The caves aren’t actually in Nerja itself but a few kilometres to the east, They are well signposted and there is lots of parking. You can also take the little tourist train from Nerja town if you haven’t a car. If you go in summer remember the temperature inside the caves is far cooler than that of the outside, so take a jacket or a jumper.

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