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Hotels for Dia de Andalucia

La Casa Grande de Zujaira

Here we are on the last day of February celebrating Dia de Andalucia or Andalucia Day. Or we would be celebrating and probably out on the road for this Bank Holiday weekend checking out great places to add to Only Spain. But travel restrictions are still in place in many towns. This normally would be a good weekend for hoteliers but yet again most are not open yet. Please do your bit when we can travel again to help all those in hospitality to survive the closures of this last year, not just hotels and B&Bs but bars, restaurants, guides, activity providers and on the list goes…..

What is Dia de Andalucia?

After the death of Franco death in 1977 around one and a half million Andalucians held manifestations at their provincial capitals to demand autonomy. Andalucia is the most populated autonomous community but it took many protests. Finally on February 28th 1980 the people got to vote for Andalucia to become an automous region. It now has its own flag – green and white horizonal stripes, its own anthem and another Bank Holiday – only in Andalucia of course!

What are the Provinces of Andalucia?

The region of Andalucia is divided into eight provinces. Three of which are land locked the other five coastal. To make things even more confusing each province has a provincial captial of the same name so, for example, Malaga is the city but it also consists of over 7,300 square metres of province.

In alphabetical order here is a list of the provinces of Andalucia and one of our B&Bs and Hotels for each one (if we have both), except Almeria because we don´t have one there yet – in the waiting to visit, yes. Roll on travel bans being lifted and new hostelries being added this year!


Cadiz – Hacienda El Santiscal

Cordoba – Finca Las Encinas B&B

Granada – La Casa Grande de Zujaira B&BCortijo del Marques

Jaen – San Juan de Bautista B&BHotel Puerta de la Luna

Huelva – Finca la Fronda

Malaga – Miller´s of Frigiliana B&BHotel Los Castaños

Sevilla – Palacio de San Benito

Andalucia is an enormous region and to explore it, get the most out of it rather than choosing one base I would suggest you do two nights, maybe three in one location then move to a different area. Some roads can be very slow and you could spend far more time driving than you would like. Although saying that the roads are really good as a whole and the scenery stunning once away from the big cities.

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