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January Birthdays

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At the end of January (hubby’s birthday) and a very cold weekend we found ourselves heading  to the coast in hope of good or at least better weather than our inland mountain home was forecast to have.

My choice of getaway was the lovely Miller’s of Frigiliana. I’ve written about it on our sister site Luxury Spain Travel and Miller’s is on here too.

Read about Miller’s of Frigiliana on Luxury Spain Travel.

And suddenly, amazingly and scarily here I am again in December (2018) thinking yet again of what to do and where to go for his birthday next month! Funny how we always go away for his, but not mine, unless I plan it!

It’s been an odd year (maybe you read my Closing of a Year post) which I won’t be sorry to see leave and will be celebrating the new.

It’s been tough taking in my step father and being the mother of 3 sons. They bring a girl into my home and one hopes they will be around forever. Then, all change, the romance is over. My relationship with my ‘daughter-in -law’ broken and supposed to just end like the ‘romance.’ Even more tricky when the eldest son’s other half is her sister.

Well, good things always come from the negative and it looks like our middle son will be working in Amsterdam next year, so that’s a definite travel plan if so.

Travel has been curtailed when caring has increased (read ‘The Closing of a Year’ post.) Bring on 2019 so we can go forth and explore, visit the fabulous hotels and B&Bs around Spain, we have a looong list of gorgeous places we (read I) want to visit.

And with those visits take Only Spain Boutique Hotels to new heights with lots more lovely boutique stays and with Spanish pages for each establishment too (my youngest will be doing the translations, I may speak it but writing it is not very good!)

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