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May Rain in Spain

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Well! I´m cold. After temperatures reaching over 30ºc in April and practically no rain, I packed away the winter woollies and boots. Having to water my (too many) pots and garden every single day – I don´t ever remember having to do that in April, we´ve now hit 15ºc and lots of rain. A bit of a shock to the system and a cancellation of a bit of a ´do´ outdoors. But we need rain. Lots of it, which we´ve had – and lots more needed – and I have a break from pot watering. Which was becoming a chore as not one day could be missed – that is summer weather, not spring when there should be rain.

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Rain in Spain

The up side is work has been busy, family have been over so no trips were planned. I would have hated that! Going away when it´s too cold and wet to appreciate and enjoy somewhere new. Boots and jumpers are out again and I hope hubby is lighting the wood burner as the water solar panel doesn´t work is on strike until the sun shines again.

That´s life for you, yes I´m having a bit of a moan. I have become utterly spoilt by our usual sunny days, and I´m being reminded to be more thankful for them – I will be when they´re back. When they are back we´ll probably jump straight into summer and it´ll be hot – it takes a bit more acclimatising these days to the temperature differences – but that´s not yet – it´s looking like being the coldest, wettest birthday I´ve had here in 27 years here in Andalucia!

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