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Winter Solstice – Shortest Day

Alqueria de los Lentos

So here we are, on the shortest day of the year. That sounds to me like winter should be drawing to a close, but no, apparently it´s just beginning. I´m not a fan of winter but I do like the sound of the shortest day because that means it´s the longest night, more time to snooze? And it means that the days will now getting longer, yes only a minute or two a day, but we´ll soon notice that.

I´m luckier than some, I know, as it gets dark at the earliest by 18:30 here in northern Andalucia. I remember well living in Devon in the UK and walking home from the school pick up to put the lights on inside at 15.45, evening already upon us.

Finally, just in the last few days, due to wind and rain, the trees have lost all their leaves. They were very colourful and late in falling this year. With silly warm temperatures in October autumn didn´t really get a hold, then suddenly, quite dramatically temperatures plummeted and we had serious rain.

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Original Mill Workings in the Bar/Restaurant at Alqueria de los Lentos

At the beginnig of December, a drizzly time, we popped down south of Granada for a night to the very lovely, ancient flour mill now a rural hotel – Alqueria de los Lentos ( which isn´t on here yet, sorry.) There is a short video of it I did on YouTube, I also have a YouTube Channel! It´s called Where to Stay in Spain and I´m trying to remember to take videos of where I go and to improve on my video skills!

I plan on getting it live here in the next day or so – but apologies if it doesn´t get to the top of the To Do List before Christmas Day.

Season´s Greetings to one and all. See you next year!

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