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New Year, New Walk on the Caminito del Rey – King’s Walkway

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For our Christmas present hubby and I decided we wanted to do something not buy presents so we booked to walk the Caminito del Rey in Malaga province again.  We went about 3 year ago with 3 sons and 2 girlfriends. We fancied going alone, not keeping tabs on members of the group. So on a not very bright January 4th we put on our boots, hairnet and helmet to walk the King’s Walkway. If you haven’t been – you should. If you haven’t a clue what it is read on.

The stunning views and incredible feat of engineering  of The King’s Little Footpath near El Chorro in Malaga province is not for those with vertigo. Originally a narrow footpath on the sheer cliff face for worker’s access, it fell into disrepair but still attracted a large number of dare-devils to walk it before being closed down.

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After four years of restoration, in most cases completely rebuilding, this exciting and dramatic walkway, in places 105 metres above the river, is completely safe but gives you the feeling of doing something thrilling. Dramatic gorges, tumbling river it really is nature at its most jaw-droppingly best.

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The whole walk is three kilometres long and takes 2 – 3 hours depending on your speed and how many photos you stop to take! Comfortable shoes, water and warm clothes are needed, depending on the time of year, this is  a gorge, the sun doesn’t get to all parts and the wind can be nippy too.

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We enjoyed our experience just as much the second time around and only two minutes down the road to home hubby said ‘I could do that again.’ I agreed with him but on another day….

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Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance. Some hotels in the area offer deals on a night stay with entrance to the Walkway included. We stayed in the lovely (but not boutique) Hotel Casa Grande in Burgo over half an hour from the walk entrance but a beautiful (as is all of  inland Andalucia) drive through the mountains.

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As much as we don’t really like to repeat where we have been (the world and even Spain is too big for that) we will probably at some point return to walk the Walkway – as you can see even on a grey day it is spectacular and it may just be addictive!

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