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Summer Heatwaves are Here

Finca la Fronda pool

So here we are! It´s 39ºc outside. Summer arrived with heatwaves this year and we´re still having them! Our life cycle changes to adapt to the heat. Summer working hours can end at 2pm then begin again at 6pm or if you´re lucky offices don´t open in the afternoons in July and August. No one goes out in the heat, life begins again after long siestas, around 9pm when signs of life begin again and streets begin fill.

It´s not unusual to see Spanish families start to dine at 10pm or later, enjoying their gathering into the early hours with cooler, bearable temperatures. I have a love and hate relationship with summer. I love getting up in the morning and walking the dogs in shorts and strappy top and still being able to wear the same at 2am in the morning. That´s if I´m not working and, these days, if I can stay up that late!

Finca la Fronda

Not having done many trips lately with work and post-everything (not mentioning the hiccups of the last two years, that haven´t ended yet) but I am very much in the planning stage. So coming soon, hopefully the end of this month, a beautiful nature reserve break just an hour south of Madrid and 3.5 hours from home. And I really want to head back to Huelva way (have you seen Finca la Fronda) and the Sierras de Aracena.

Keep checking back for the latest listing of lovely stays.

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