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I always find this time a year a little sad. We’re now into the last fortnight of August, the weather is starting to cool just a bit, especially in the evenings which is bringing to an end the long lazy evenings outside as Autumn will soon be upon us, pools will be closed up and generally life will pick up to a strolling pace again.

If you know Andalucia, the heat it gets and the manaña attitude, because of the heat, you will know how difficult it is to get anything done when it seems like everyone is on holiday. Businesses and shops close and frustration reigns if you’re trying to progress as normal.

Our travelling has been very limited lately with one thing or another so I’m very happy to be off next weekend to check out a gorgeous looking establishment not too far from home. It’s always a joy for me to be able to add boutique hotels and B&Bs in my own province. But saying that I can get to Malaga airport in 2 hours ten minutes – practically every trip takes that long. No long queues of traffic here. Having recently been back in England and driving there I found it horrible and quite stressful, it is not the case here in inland Andalucia. Driving is a joy, many empty roads, very little traffic and always fabulous views.

So watch out for our lovely new addition an check our the gorgeous Finca la Fronda because it is almost one year to the day when we first visited this beautiful rural Casa Rural.

As always if you want to recommend a hotel to us please do or if you want us to check one out for you again just get in touch with me via our Contact Us page.

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